Chinese New Year Lucky Coin

Celebrate CNY with Beara Beara’s Limited Edition Lucky Coin!

This limited edition coin is not just a trinket; it’s a token of prosperity that you can carry in your Beara Beara bag or makes for the perfect gift for a friend in need of some extra luck.

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Penelope: Your Perfect Ally

The journey of a working woman is filled with highs and lows. Behind the confident facade often lies vulnerability and we believe vulnerability is our strongest superpower. Penelope is here to give you that little confidence boost whenever you need it.

Embrace Confidence. Unleash Strength. Carry Penelope.

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Compact Click Cardholder - Clark

Nestled comfortably in his pocket, our click cardholder securely stores cards inside a special cavity that can be accessed with just one click.

It is a gift that ensures you'll always be remembered.

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Isabelle Handbag
for Balance in Your life

Balance is about creating the best possible you, evenly distributing your life so you can get the best out of every situation.

Balance is the delicate art of orchestrating harmony in our lives.

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Gothic Architecture Inspired Handbag Bernadette

Channel the intricate beauty of Gothic architecture with every step you take. Our newest design draws inspiration from the sharp shapes and patterns of this iconic style, featuring pointed arches and intricate tracery.

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The Ultimate satchel : Noah

Elevating Everyday Style for Men

In the realm of sophisticated accessories, the Noah Satchel Series stands as a testament to the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and functionality.

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Newest Man-Bag Dylan

Dylan is one of our most popular pieces for men. With Dylan, we delved into a theme that resonates deeply with our spirit—travel. The love for exploration, adventure, and the thrill of new experiences inspired us to create a bag tailored for the journey.

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Mary Collection

Our story begins in 2022 when a remarkable co-design collaboration took place between Beara Beara and the Taiwanese clothing brand Mouggan. This partnership laid the foundation for a timeless creation, the first of its kind - Mary.

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Fiona Family

In the dynamic world of fashion and design, stories of creativity and collaboration often give birth to extraordinary products. "Fiona," a remarkable handbag, embodies one such tale. It emerged from a unique co-design process that brought together Beara Beara and Fiona, a stylist renowned for her love of vintage styles and adventure.

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Nick Cardholder

The Nick wallet is our ode to simplicity in a world that often feels overly complex. It isn't crafted to be a flashy statement piece but is rooted in the essentials that matter most. For the modern man who values quality over extravagance, the Nick stands as a testament to our commitment to crafting enduring products.

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Judi Tote Bag

The Judi is a bag you pick up every day without thinking. It's a no stress, make your life easy bag. It's a bag where you don't have to think about style.

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Kingsley Sling Bag

The Kingsley is a little bit different to our normal designs. We have taken the trend for cross-body bags and styled it with our signature vintage vibe.

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